OB03 - Little Buddha

Mains: 63AMP SINGLE PHASE 100 milliamp trip

The Little Buddha is a highly manouverable and fully featured broadcast truck, with impressive processing power inside a luton van shell. The interior comfortably fits a mixer and gram-op, whilst delivering a big sound in a small space thanks to the custom acoustic treatment. It is the perfect choice for jobs in busy areas thanks to its’ size and the flexibility of who can drive it. 

Kit: DiGiCo SD7B Quantum with Barefoot Mains. Genelec Atmos rig. Outboard including UAD Apollo 16x, Bricasti

Grams: as required – SpotOn with streamdeck XL, Pro Tools. 

Record: We can redundantly record 192 channels on seperate Reaper and Boom rigs which covers us for most shows… This is often paired with another entirely independant laptop rig situated onstage by racks for a robust and dependable recording setup. 

Video: Ki-Pro hard disk recorder can sync the reaper rig to lock playback to timecode for picture based remixing and virtual soundchecks. 

Interconnect: The tailboard on the rear of the van allows for multiple ways of MADI over BNC straight off the desk, or converted to SC multimode fibre. Here you’ll also find mutliple lines of balanced AES and analogue backups for interconnects. 

Easy Access: To keep the footprint of the vehicle to an absolute minimum, the tailboard and side doors can be shut at all times, with cabling routing through portholes. Perfect for those rainy outside broadcast days!