OB02 - Karma

Mains: 63AMP SINGLE PHASE 100 milliamp trip

The Truck is a spacious yet controlled environment with custom sound treatment throughout and engineered hardwood wooden flooring providing a natural acoustic. As with each of our trucks, the speakers have been SMAART tuned flat so that mixing between any of the Zen trucks and OBs is consistent and reliable. 

Kit: Studer Vista 8 console with PMC 5.1 Monitoring. Outboard including UAD Apollo 16x, Neve 33609, TC6000, Lex 960. 

Grams: as required – SpotOn with streamdeck XL, Pro Tools. 

Video: Ki-Pro hard disk recorder with timecode sync so we can remix to picture if required.

The Record Rack: OB02 comes fully fitted with three independent 192 channel multitrack recording machines;

ProTools HDX, Boom Recorder, and Reaper. 

Having this rack situated down the other end of the truck means that the sound supervisor can work free of fan noise. There are mirrored screens at both the mix and grams position so that the mixer can keep an eye on the record for peace of mind. 

Interconnect: The easily accessible side tailboard patch features connections for 4 stage racks, 2 tailboard MADI over quad-core OpticalCon, further patchable SC fibre MADI, many multiple analogue tie lines with both XLR and 8 pair Milspec options. 

Storage: Options are a-plenty with many side cupboards and a rear cupboard meaning all truck kit, including stageboxes, fibres, and mains can be stored onboard. In the rear there is also the truck UPS which safeguards the whole truck audio chain incase of a serious power dropout.