Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee

A complete mammoth job to both plan and operate. Live TX from Buckingham Palace with all three of our sound trucks to cover three stages onsite. Each stage had needed to work independently but also collectively – with artists popping up everywhere to collaborate with a large military orchestra on the main stage.

The whole show was driven from us; with timecode projection mapping and synchronous screen content, graphics, and music – it was a planning challenge. As per normal we covered all the bases with our own FOH system designer putting together a complex system for the live elements. One large issue for us was that we weren’t allowed to have the PA on very much in rehearsal due to noise resitrictions and ceremonial events taking place.

Queen opened the show (along with a secret bear). We had to make that work as a seamless transition from VT to then playing live which was unique in that no one was allowed to hear the real thing until the night. Also Queen could not make the rehearsal so we had to virtually sound check them at base from a multitrack to get a sound going for when they arrived on the day of the show. Add to that artists like Alicia Keys, Elton John (projected onto the palace) and Andrew Llyod Webber and a 2.5 hour TX and you get the idea!

Once in a lifetime and superb to be trusted with it by BBC events.