An Audience with Kylie

A bonkers one-day-in-and-out of the Albert Hall for this huge show saw Kev working closely with the Kylie team to try and do as much desk building and sound checking as possible pre the gig!
Recorded on our SSL System T on ProTools, straight into a full ProTools remix back at base using the usual suspects; UAD, Liquid Sonics, iZotope to name just a few. We knew it would be a “smash and grab” and into post and it didn’t disappoint with a 7am start to make sound check of the band at lunch, followed by as much rehearsal as possible before showtime.
Kev said “The atmosphere in the room was amazing and I really wanted the tv mix to represent that as much as possible – it’s a very fine line between is sounding live but still focused rather than just a spilly mess”.
Post gig it was direct back to our Liphook studio for a 1.5 day remix of an albums worth of music, working closely with Kylie’s MD Steve Anderson. It being the Albert Hall Kev time aligned the audience as much as poss to squeeze as much out 
of the room as was possible. Following the music sign off, Kev then bolted the whole show together – delivering remotely to the edit suite in London for review. The show was delivered in time with everyone very happy with the final results.
A real pleasure to work on.